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New voluntary & friendly initiative giving free breakfasts to London's homeless, supported by our followers. £3 Sponsors a Bag. Part of @otslondon #BIAB

Toiletries Pic ‘n’ Mix for our homeless friends!

We're introducing a new toiletries Pic 'n' Mix bucket at our food stations. Homeless people often request small bottles of toiletries, and this is an often overlooked necessity for them. Homeless people have nowhere to store items and have to carry their belongings with them everywhere, so we will be providing travel and trial sized bottles wherever possible. Each item should last at least a couple of weeks, and they can pick up new items when they visit our breakfast stations.

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#Streetdogslivesmatter – our new weekly street dog care station!

Dog care has always been of huge importance to Breakfast In A Bag founder Michelle, and through her outreach project Off The Streets London Michelle has become has become known as someone who likes to care for the street dogs that so many of our homeless friends have as pets. Throughout 2017 Breakfast In A Bag will be hosting weekly dog care stations for the dogs living rough on the streets with their homeless owners. Each week homeless dog owners will be able to pick up dry and wet dog food, treats, Dentastix, collars, leads, blankets, coats and more.

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Nisbets Cater for Breakfast In A Bag’s Needs!

Nisbets Cater for Breakfast In A Bag's Needs! Nisbets Catering Equipment, who are the recognized leading providers in the UK, have been kind enough to give us £100 vouchers to spend on catering equipment from them! The vouchers enable us to buy specific equipment we require, when we require it. This is a really useful donation as it allows us to respond to our most urgent requirements straight away providing much needed help where (and how) it is needed the most.  Nisbets Catering Equipment are open to both trade and the public, and they offer low price AND satisfaction guarantees. Established in 1983 on [...]

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#TeamBIAB get into the Season of Goodwill for the homeless at Christmas!

What is Christmas without mince pies, plum pudding and Christmas crackers? The Breakfast In A Bag team have two Christmas events to organise for the homeless at Christmas - our Christmas Event on the 16th December and our Christmas morning food station, where we will be serving omelettes, sausages, tomatoes, and hot drinks with Christmas songs and cheer. As always we rely heavily on the generosity of supporters, local business and big brand names to help us to help as many homeless rough sleepers as possible. It's never easy to ask for money or donations and more so at a time when everyone is planning and budgeting for Christmas. But we're not prepared to let our homeless friends down at any time, least of all during the Season of Goodwill, so we have been asking anyway! And what a great response we're having!

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150 extra hot drinks EVERY TIME thanks to Kingdom Coffee!

How many cups of hot water can we get out of a 20 litre urn I hear you ask? Well, thanks to this kind donation from Kingdom Coffee we can provide around 150 cups extra each session just from this urn alone. Kingdom Coffee have not only donated this wonderful urn, they have also donated a big box of tea, coffee, sugar sticks and paper cups! The logistics of providing Breakfast In A Bag means that donations such as these help us to help more homeless people access warming and sustaining beverages than ever before.

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