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New voluntary & friendly initiative giving free breakfasts to London's homeless, supported by our followers. £3 Sponsors a Bag. Part of @otslondon #BIAB

Relief as our Big and Red self storage just got bigger!

After the launch of Michelle's Breakfast In A Bag initiative, physical donations from supporters became so plentiful the storage space allocated to Off the Streets London began to run out! So Big and Red self storage donated a second unit, meaning donations of physical items wouldn't need to be reduced! This kind response from Big and Red self storage has relieved a good deal of concern about how and where we would store these much needed essentials our kind and generous supporters are providing, until we distribute them to our homeless friends.

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The Kaleidoscope Kitchen gets involved!

We love it when people get in touch with us. We love hearing from our supporters, who become familiar faces (or avatars/profile pictures!) as we get to know them. The Kaleidoscope KitchenThe Kaleidoscope Kitchen got in touch just after we launched our website, with no hesitation in offering us donations of food. You see, The Kaleidoscope Kitchen are professional events caterers, so they are used to handling A LOT of food, all the time. They cater for indoor and outdoor events such as festivals, festival crew catering, street food markets, private parties, charity events, community events and corporate events.

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A cup of cheer from Printed Cup Company!

Breakfast in a Bag is delighted that our clients will be able to drink their hot drinks safely because of a generous donation from The Printed Cup Company. On these bitterly cold winter nights, hot drinks are very important and given our limited funds, we have to make choices on what to buy. We have one less thing to think about because of this generous gift. It means more of our money can go on other valuable things.

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Morvend Vending Machines serve a sweet treat for our homeless friends.

Modern vending machines can deliver many, many things from hot drinks to sandwiches. But MorVend Vending have delivered a huge load of goodies to Breakfast in a Bag (BIAB). The goodies include lots of sweets which is a real treat for homeless friends. When you have limited money and limited access to resources, sweets are very low down on your priorities. So when they are given as a gift, they do mean a lot.

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November delivers Perkier Breakfast Bags for our Homeless Friends!

How can you resist a company called Perkier... what a brilliant name. It makes you smile just saying it. They certainly strive to live up to their name with nutritious, whole foods. Their porridge and bars are abundant in nutrients to provide long lasting energy. But as well as their tasty food, Perkier also have big hearts. They have donated 6 boxes of their delicious, nutritious bars to help fill our Breakfast in a Bag selections. I'm sure they will go down well with our homeless friends! So a big thank you to Perkier from BIAB. You should go try the products for yourself!

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Pret A Manger gives a lot of LOVE to our breakfast bags!

As if there isn't enough goodness in Pret A Manger Love Bars, they have also donated several boxes of the bars to Breakfast In A Bag to distribute to homeless people. That is indeed spreading the love! There is a lot of energy and goodness in these bars and we are sure the recipients will be delighted with them! The bars are amazing and if you buy any for yourself, 10p from each one they sell goes to the Pret Foundation Trust.

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Bag us a bargain with Sachetsville!

**UPDATE: Limited time only! 15% discount on ALL ORDERS! No minimum spend required!** Sachetsville have very kindly given us their support by offering a 15% discount on all website orders over £15, purchased via their website as donations to the Breakfast In A Bag initiative! All items include free delivery, and if you are purchasing items for our Breakfast In A Bag campaign you can claim a 15% discount on orders over £15. Just add BREAKFASTINABAG as a coupon code at the check out. It can be a variety of different items, as long as the delivery address is our Breakfast In A Bag donation address and the order exceeds £15.

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An Important Message From BBC6Music’s Liz Kershaw

Every time I go to work on the train I pass the homeless in the car park, underpasses and station forecourt in one of the most prosperous cities in one of the richest countries in the world. I've had a safe and sound sleep in a warm clean comfy bed. I've had coffee and breakfast then a hot shower and clean clothes. I wouldn't be able to do my job if I'd just crawled out of a dirty sleeping bag in the gutter. Or if I hadn't had electricity to prepare on my computer or charge my phone.

Protein Bars For November’s Breakfasts Are In The Bag Thanks To Pulsin’

We’ve been talking to the lovely people at Pulsin’ in Gloucester about them getting involved in our initiative for a little while now. Their protein snack bars looked perfect for our homeless friends and we were impressed that their beond bites contain enough fruit to count as 1 of our 5-a-day! Naturally we were really keen to try and get them into our breakfast bags. Imagine the delight in BIAB HQ when we received the email from Pulsin’ confirming their support with an offer of enough of both to ensure they were in every bag we’ll be handing over throughout November!

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