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From homeless into homes

It's always wonderful to hear that one of our homeless friends is off the streets and into a home. Michelle's outreach programme is aptly named Off The Streets - of course the ultimate aim is always to get rough sleepers off the streets and into permanent accommodation. However, the struggle does not end with moving into permanent accommodation.

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Breakfast is better with Purina! #streetdogslivesmatter

For many people living on the streets a dog can act as a warning system, a protector and, most importantly, as a friend and companion. We know first hand how much love and comfort our homeless friends get from their animals and we often hear about the sacrifices they make to ensure that their pets are fed as best they can. So a huge thanks to Purina - who have donated a pallet of dog food to Breakfast In A Bag for the street dogs sleeping rough with their homeless owners - we can ensure that both pet and owner get a tasty meal.

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