An Important Message From BBC6Music’s Liz Kershaw

Every time I go to work on the train I pass the homeless in the car park, underpasses and station forecourt in one of the most prosperous cities in one of the richest countries in the world. I've had a safe and sound sleep in a warm clean comfy bed. I've had coffee and breakfast then a hot shower and clean clothes. I wouldn't be able to do my job if I'd just crawled out of a dirty sleeping bag in the gutter. Or if I hadn't had electricity to prepare on my computer or charge my phone.

Celebrity Support Grows For Breakfast In A Bag

Celebrity Support Grows For Breakfast In A Bag Now that our friendly army of supporters on Twitter is growing nicely our tweets are gaining more & more retweets which is just fantastic to see. There are also many more people tweeting about us so it’s getting harder to spot every time we’re helped out by someone famous. Celebrity support has been crucial in raising awareness as they have such huge follower numbers compared to a small, new initiative like Breakfast In A Bag. If your tweet about Breakfast In A Bag is retweeted by someone famous please let us know so we can [...]

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