From homeless into homes

It's always wonderful to hear that one of our homeless friends is off the streets and into a home. Michelle's outreach programme is aptly named Off The Streets - of course the ultimate aim is always to get rough sleepers off the streets and into permanent accommodation. However, the struggle does not end with moving into permanent accommodation.

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Breakfast is better with Purina! #streetdogslivesmatter

For many people living on the streets a dog can act as a warning system, a protector and, most importantly, as a friend and companion. We know first hand how much love and comfort our homeless friends get from their animals and we often hear about the sacrifices they make to ensure that their pets are fed as best they can. So a huge thanks to Purina - who have donated a pallet of dog food to Breakfast In A Bag for the street dogs sleeping rough with their homeless owners - we can ensure that both pet and owner get a tasty meal.

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Nisbets Cater for Breakfast In A Bag’s Needs!

Nisbets Cater for Breakfast In A Bag's Needs! Nisbets Catering Equipment, who are the recognized leading providers in the UK, have been kind enough to give us £100 vouchers to spend on catering equipment from them! The vouchers enable us to buy specific equipment we require, when we require it. This is a really useful donation as it allows us to respond to our most urgent requirements straight away providing much needed help where (and how) it is needed the most.  Nisbets Catering Equipment are open to both trade and the public, and they offer low price AND satisfaction guarantees. Established in 1983 on [...]

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150 extra hot drinks EVERY TIME thanks to Kingdom Coffee!

How many cups of hot water can we get out of a 20 litre urn I hear you ask? Well, thanks to this kind donation from Kingdom Coffee we can provide around 150 cups extra each session just from this urn alone. Kingdom Coffee have not only donated this wonderful urn, they have also donated a big box of tea, coffee, sugar sticks and paper cups! The logistics of providing Breakfast In A Bag means that donations such as these help us to help more homeless people access warming and sustaining beverages than ever before.

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A fruity, soothing gift from Lip Smacker!

Breakfast In A Bag is not just about providing food and drink but it is also about distributing much needed, and often overlooked essentials. So we were delighted that Lip Smacker have donated lip salves to distribute to our homeless friends, as these cold winter mornings can be brutal for exposed areas of skin. The gift of lip salves will help prevent dangerous cracks around the lips, which can be prone to infection, as well as providing relief to the agony of dry and damaged skin.

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That’s better, that’s Tetley tea! A warming Cuppa on winter days!

Tetley have a long history of making tasty beverages and it was in 1940 that the first Tetley tea bag machines, known as the grey ladies, were first introduced into Britain. However the teabags were for export only and it wasn't until 1953, when tea rationing was lifted, that us Brits were able to brew up with a bag. Luckily we don't have to wait as long for our morning cuppa as the lovely people at Tetley's have donated 6 cases of their tea - that's (count them) 2880 cups of hot, warming, tea for our homeless friends!

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Keeping the breakfast beat with Rhythm Health!

It is hard for anyone to ensure that their diet is healthy but it is especially hard when you are living on the streets. With this in mind Rhythm Foods have given us a boot load of their healthy Coconut & Greens Kefir drink to help ensure that our breakfast bags will now come with an extra healthy boost. ‘Live’ fermented drinks which are dairy free, cholesterol free and with no added sugar these are sure to prove very popular with our homeless friends.

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Marigold Health Foods keep us topped up!

Marigold Health Foods have donated 100 delicious organic pies for our homeless friends to enjoy, along with 4 cases of organic milk! They are also keeping us topped up by donating surplus soups, pies, yoghurt and milk. These healthy foods are essential for keeping our homeless friends as warm and healthy as is possible whilst living on the streets.

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The Ultimate Plum Pudding surprise for our Christmas event!

When we started advertising our intent to host a Christmas "party" for our homeless friends one of our biggest hurdles was providing special Christmas treats in addition to breakfast bags and food stations. One of our supporters recommended we contact The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company, who immediately arranged to donate a whopping 540 delicious plum puddings for our homeless friends to enjoy at our Christmas Event! What a wonderful donation!

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A warming donation from Thermo Box UK!

Keeping food warm and dry at our static food stations can be a real problem. We want to be able to give our homeless friends hot, comforting food, especially on these cold days! It was a wonderful surprise when Thermo Box UK contacted us offering us one of their fantastic thermal boxes for transporting hot food! Not only that, but we have received heat pads too! These are going to be a tremendous help to us over the winter months ahead.

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