Celebrity Support Grows For Breakfast In A Bag

Celebrity Support Grows For Breakfast In A Bag Now that our friendly army of supporters on Twitter is growing nicely our tweets are gaining more & more retweets which is just fantastic to see. There are also many more people tweeting about us so it’s getting harder to spot every time we’re helped out by someone famous. Celebrity support has been crucial in raising awareness as they have such huge follower numbers compared to a small, new initiative like Breakfast In A Bag. If your tweet about Breakfast In A Bag is retweeted by someone famous please let us know so we can [...]

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Paws For Thought …

Paws For Thought … Through her outreach project Off The Streets London, Michelle Clark the founder of Breakfast In A Bag has become known as someone who likes to care for the street dogs that so many of our homeless friends have as pets. For most rough sleepers their dog is their only companion and many will choose to feed their “furbaby” before themselves. Some of these dogs live on a diet of human food and that’s obviously not good for their health.       We regularly receive donations of dog food, treats, and warm dog coats for winter and Michelle’s been [...]

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Quotes about Homelessness

Quotes about Homelessness We’ve scoured the internet and gathered together some interesting and powerful quotes about homelessness:   “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” Aesop   “After all, a homeless man has reason to cry, everything in the world is pointed against him.” Jack Kerouac   “Bleak, dark, and piercing cold, it was a night for the well-housed and fed to draw round the bright fire, and thank God they were at home; and for the homeless starving wretch to lay him down and die. Many hunger-worn outcasts close their eyes in our bare streets at such times, [...]

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Homelessness – Facts & Statistics

Homelessness - Facts & Statistics We thought we’d share some of the statistics we’ve unearthed about homelessness, and in particular London’s homeless crisis.   homeless people slept on London’s Streets in 2015, more than double the number for 2010.* Just 13% of Londoners feel enough is being done to tackle homelessness.* 25% of England’s homeless people are in Westminster. People are often drawn to central London because of opportunities and the prospect of starting their lives afresh.** In the first 3 quarters of 2015 – 23,178 homeless applications were made to London Local Authorities.*** Rough sleeping in [...]

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