#TeamBIAB get into the Season of Goodwill for the homeless at Christmas!

The Breakfast In A Bag team have two Christmas events to organise for the homeless at Christmas – our Christmas Event on the 16th December and our Christmas morning food station, where we will be serving omelettes, sausages, tomatoes, and hot drinks with Christmas songs and cheer. As always we rely heavily on the generosity of supporters, local business and big brand names to help us to help as many homeless rough sleepers as possible. It’s never easy to ask for money or donations and more so at a time when everyone is planning and budgeting for Christmas. But we’re not prepared to let our homeless friends down at any time, least of all during the Season of Goodwill, so we have been asking anyway! And what a great response we’re having!


Clocktower Market’s Christmas treat for everyone!Clocktower Market raise funds for the homeless at Christmas

On Saturday the 3rd December Clocktower Market in Greenwich held a mulled wine stall with proceeds going to Breakfast In A Bag. This wonderful gesture not only raised £286 for our homeless friends’ breakfast bags, but gave everyone who enjoyed a cup that warm fuzzy feeling feeling that only a hot mulled wine on a winter shopping trip can give you! Thank you to the wonderful people at Clocktower Market for giving everyone a lovely treat that day.


The Ultimate Plum Pudding for our homeless friends!

When we first announced our plans for Christmas one of the first companies to respond was The Ultimate Plum Pudding company, who have kindly donated 540 of their delicious plum puddings for our homeless friends to enjoy. You can read more about their wonderful donation here.

The Flower Hut raises funds for the homeless at Christmas


Christmas Trees with an added extra for Breakfast In A Bag

If you live in or near Greenwich please do consider buying your Christmas tree from Katie at The Flower Hut at Greenwich Station. Not only will you get a great little tree and service with a smile, but 10% of your fee will go to Shelter and Breakfast In A Bag! A big “thank you” to The Flower Hut!



We’ll be Rocking Around the Christmas at our Christmas event!Our Christmas Event for the homeless at Christmas

Thanks to an anonymous donor we have a beautiful Christmas tree to decorate and enjoy at our Christmas Event on the 16th December. There had been no plan to have a tree at the event and just as Michelle had decided she would purchase one this kind soul donated one. It’s the perfect addition to our plans for the event!

Another quandary was how we would get the tree, tables, food stuff and everything else to the party location. That was resolved when Twitter follower @Merrion funded the hire of a van for the evening. This will save a great deal of time, effort, and stress. Thank you @Merrion!

The final, and most important element of our Christmas “party” is our homeless friends. To let them know they are invited to a Christmas event especially for them, Luke aka @LCXCII (“JUST Volunteer Keef”/@keefymc son!) has designed this wonderful flyer! Michelle and the team are handing these to our homeless friends at our breakfast stations, so they have a reminder of the time and place to be. 


Author Jamie Graham donates the proceeds from his latest children’s Christmas story

Author Jamie Graham is very kindly donating all proceeds from sales of his latest children’s Christmas story “How Evan the Elf Saved Christmas”. Do head to Amazon here and purchase the story for the little one’s in your life. You’ll also be helping fund breakfasts and other essentials for our homeless friends, thank you Jamie! Not only that, Karen Maskall of Outdoor Muckers has made this wonderful little video to help promote the book!



Supermarkets get behind our Christmas plans…eventually!Sainsburys Clapham donate to the homeless at Christmas

Our commitment to providing a breakfast for as many of the 7 days of the week as we can is pressured, as donations are quickly depleted in just a few days. Adding a few items to make the festive period a little bit special for those who’re homeless at Christmas requires a lot of budgeting and planning. Our army of supporters jumped on board, making and sending donations, contacting local businesses and approaching supermarkets, enquiring about a small contribution. Waitrose were extremely helpful and happily donated! After much negotiation and deliberation Sainsbury’s and Morrisons eventually donated some goodies too. A big THANK YOU to Waitrose for donating crackers and mince pies, and to the Enfield and Clapham Sainsbury’s stores for donating plenty of Christmas crackers, and to Morrisons head office for donating gift vouchers for us to buy anything else we still need.


Yule logs and Christmas cakes top off our Christmas Day food wish list

Our final requirement for our Christmas Day breakfast station was Christmas cake to leave with our homeless friends for them to enjoy later in the day. After a shout out on Twitter and Facebook we have yule logs and Christmas cakes on their way to us courtesy of some wonderful supporters! Thank you for wanting to make a difference to our friends who are homeless at Christmas!


Would you like to send one of our homeless friends a Christmas Card this year?

You can send as many cards as you’d like for people who are homeless at Christmas, we will distribute them in the run up to Christmas. Please send your cards to:

Breakfast In A Bag
Big And Red Storage Ltd – Unit 5
Martinbridge Industrial Estate
240-242 Lincoln Road


All hands on deck Christmas morning!

Michelle and a team of volunteers will be out Christmas morning providing a hearty breakfast of omelette, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns, porridge, cereal, bread and butter/jam, along with mince pies, panatone, Christmas cake and mince pies to enjoy, all served with Christmas songs, Christmas cards and Christmas hats! We also have hundreds of Sweet Treat Bags to give out, too! At a time when everyone is usually at home unwrapping gifts by the tree, these troupers will be sharing their Christmas morning with people who are homeless at Christmas, and sleeping rough on the streets. We have received so many kind offers of assistance on Christmas Day we already have a full team! We are still recruiting volunteers for Boxing Day and New Year. If you would like to help out please complete our volunteer form here and include a note detailing your availability over the Christmas period (you must be over 18 to volunteer). Positions do fill very quickly, so please don’t be disappointed if you are not called upon this time – homelessness exists 365 days a year, not just at Christmas, and we are planning to expand the project throughout 2017!


Keep up to date with all our Christmas fun and preparations here: www.breakfastinabag.co.uk/christmas