Helping the homeless into homes

Essentials for the newly homed, nationwide!

It’s always wonderful to get the homeless into homes. Michelle’s outreach programme is aptly named Off The Streets – of course the ultimate aim is always to get rough sleepers off the streets and into permanent accommodation. However, the struggle does not end with moving into permanent accommodation.

Good news! The struggle is over, right? Wrong!

When a homeless rough sleeper is given permanent accommodation they are provided with only that – the accommodation. More often than not they will move into an empty flat with absolutely nothing else that is required for day to day living. The new occupant comes from the streets with nothing more than can be packed in a backpack. Many have to continue using their sleeping bags, and other items and services they relied upon during their time on the streets, many having been on the streets for years. With no money to purchase daily essentials, the pressure of poverty extends way beyond obtaining a roof over their head.

Think about the things in your home that you use without even thinking about it. From waking in the morning to going to bed at night. What do you use?

  • a kettle
  • a toaster
  • plates, bowls and other crockery
  • knives, forks, spoons and other cutlery
  • pots, pans, and kitchen utensils
  • bed sheets and blankets

Probably other things as well. The cost of acquiring all these things at once is quite considerable, even when purchasing budget items from value or discount stores. 

Helping the homeless into homes

One of our homeless friends with bags full of new items to equip his new home, ready for the next chapter in his life.

How we help.

Having supported homeless people on the streets of London for well over 4 years now, Michelle has regularly assisted newly housed rough sleepers. To help ease this difficult transitional period from the streets into a home Michelle self funds and appeals for donations towards purchases to set up a home. Since the launch of Breakfast In A Bag the number of rough sleepers Michelle has regular contact with is increasing, and the number of newly housed rough sleepers she assists increases too. Therefore we have decided to make an on-going appeal for funds to assist the homeless through this difficult transition. As this is such an overlooked need, and such a small percentage of rough sleepers acquire permanent accommodation we would like, if we can, to offer this assistance nationwide.

How does it work?

What we will do:

The first thing we need to plenty of promotion. In order to get the funds required on an ongoing basis enough people must be aware of this initiative. Other legitimate homeless initiatives need to know that we are planning to offer this assistance, so we can work with them to assist the newly homed in their area.

What we won’t do:

This is not a fund for anyone to contact us and claim financial assistance with household purchases. We will only work with legitimate homeless charities and initiatives to ensure the funds go to qualifying people who most need the help. Regrettably we will not be able to accept physical donations. Unfortunately storage is limited, and if we are to offer this assistance on a nationwide scale we have to consider the logistics and associated costs of storage and transportation. Although donations of second hand electrical items would reduce costs, for safety and legal reasons we are unable to pass them on.

How you can help

Please share our appeals on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so we can raise awareness and build funds. Keep an eye out for appeals to help specific people as they move into their new accommodation. There will often be items added to Amazon Wishlists, where purchases will be delivered to the required location. We’ll keep you up to date on special appeals, and what each individual needs on a case by case basis. 

In the meantime please help us to get ahead with funds by donating what you can to help people start the next chapter of their lives in their new home.

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