Homelessness. It happens. It could happen to you.

A summary of why I feel Breakfast In A Bag, and our help to and empathy of the homeless is so important, by an anonymous supporter.

We are all only a few weeks away from homelessness and living on the streets, which is why Breakfast In A Bag is so close to my heart.  I have been so very fortunate through amazing friends and colleagues that I have not been on the streets myself.

To cut a long story very short:

Homelessness Happens

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A number of years ago, I was in a relationship that became increasingly abusive over the years.  The guy I was seeing, I knew was a ‘bad boy’, I just didn’t realise how bad.  It was always a ‘passionate’ you could say relationship.  After a few years, we moved in together.  This was more down to circumstance, where I needed somewhere to live, than a considered decision.

After a year or so of living together, the threats, intimidation, belittling, bullying and occasional  physical abuse became too much and I moved out. I moved in with an acquaintance from work, but fell for the usual lines, I love you, won’t do it again etc, etc…. and returned.

After another year nothing had changed, and  I could not live through this any longer, I moved out again, this time for the final time.  My best friend put me up.  It was then he started threatening her, she asked me,  quite understandably to move out.  Why should she have to endure this?  I was doing agency work at the time, and had no secure employment.  I also had no close family to turn to. And no family at all within a 100 mile radius.

Thankfully a colleague who I had only met a short while before offered me a spare room for a few weeks until I got myself on my feet.  That friend probably saved my life.

While possessions are just that, I still lost everything, bar 2 carrier bags of clothes.   I lost all my clothes, jewellery, paintings, books, personal memento’s, everything.  The Police advised they could do absolutely nothing!

I was so extremely fortunate that a relative stranger took me in, helped me, and now I own (with the help of a mortgage) my own house.

Please remember when you see someone with no food or shelter, this could so easily be you.

With love


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