Homelessness – don’t lose that Christmas Spirit!


Homelessness is a dire issue with 8,000 people sleeping rough in London throughout 2016. The amount of pain and tough times these people go through is immense and is an issue that needs so much help. People don’t choose to be homeless, it is usually because they’ve gone through something difficult and they don’t have the support of friends or family. Charities try to improve this situation, but it needs your help as well.

MeJoe and Steve - raising awareness of homelessness

My name is Joe and I am 13 years old. Recently I helped the charity Breakfast In A Bag, by making 3 boxes of essentials and treats for a homeless man, woman and a dog for Christmas. This did not take much time but it could help someone so much. My Mum had heard about Breakfast in a Bag through Twitter and we decided to do something to help. So we got in contact but unfortunately I was too young to take part in handing out some bags, but they said that the boxes would really help.

When I was younger I would happily talk to homeless people and my parents supported this idea. Over the years I have handed out some sleeping bags but making these boxes and going to the Breakfast in a Bag party made me realise how much more help is needed.

Before I arrived at the event, I was excited to give out the boxes and looking forward to meeting the people I was going to give them to. When I went to the Christmas event, I spoke to some homeless friends and found that they are really trying to improve their situation, however in the meantime they need our support to help them get by. I left the event feeling proud and buzzing from helping out and making someone else’s Christmas better.

Breakfast In A Bag

The charity I helped is ran by Michelle. She cares so much and runs 2 charities (Off the Streets London and Breakfast in a Bag). She needs your help too, you could donate money, organise a fundraiser or help at one of her events. So next time you see a homeless person in need, don’t ignore them and remember, homelessness isn’t just at Christmas!