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150 extra hot drinks EVERY TIME thanks to Kingdom Coffee!

Kingdom Coffee donates a hot water urnHow many cups of hot water can we get out of a 20 litre urn I hear you ask? Well, thanks to this kind donation from Kingdom Coffee we can provide around 150 cups extra each session just from this urn alone. 

Kingdom Coffee have not only donated this wonderful urn, they have also donated a big box of tea, coffee, sugar sticks and paper cups! The logistics of providing Breakfast In A Bag means that donations such as these help us to help more homeless people access warming and sustaining beverages than ever before. 
Kingdom Coffee are one of the UK’s Fairtrade and Ethical Coffee and Teas suppliers, sourcing products from ethical sources, so we knew that they could be a considerate and kind supporter of Breakfast In A Bag. We love their impeccable green credentials and their commitment to the highest quality products!

Kingdom Coffee Donation to the Homeless

If you are in the catering industry (or just really, really love your coffee) do check out their website for the full range of products.

Thank you, Kingdom Coffee!

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