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A fruity, soothing gift from Lip Smacker!

Lip Smacker donates lip salve to the homelessBreakfast In A Bag is not just about providing food and drink but it is also about distributing much needed, and often overlooked essentials. So we were delighted that Lip Smacker have donated lip salves to distribute to our homeless friends, as these cold winter mornings can be brutal for exposed areas of skin. The gift of lip salves will help prevent dangerous cracks around the lips, which can be prone to infection, as well as providing relief to the agony of dry and damaged skin. 

There is a reason why Lip Smacker has been such a popular brand since their introduction in 1973 as they combine a high quality product with tasty flavours. The flavour combinations are endless – mix and match to find your own lip softening, smile inducing, deliriously delicious happy moment!

We know these are going to be much in demand and very much appreciated by our homeless friends! Muchos besos for your kind donation, Lip Smacker!

Lip Smacker Lip Salve


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