michael-arsenalMichael’s Arsenal Dream Comes True!

Michael’s a gooner, a diehard Arsenal fan, he always has been and he always will be. Michael’s also someone that Michelle Clark, founder of BIAB, has been supporting through her Off The Streets London outreach programme.

Recently Michael told Michelle how his dream was to go to an Arsenal game, he’d never been and couldn’t imagine ever being able to afford to go the the Emirates Stadium and support the team he’s loved since he was a boy.

So we told Michael’s story to our followers on Twitter.

What happened next is remarkable.  



One of our followers made contact with us and offered two tickets for tonight’s match against Reading.  When the tickets arrived last week Michelle opened the envelope and a £20 note was in with the tickets so Michael could buy a programme and a burger.  Such a thoughtful, kind and generous gesture.





We tweeted out a thank you for this donation and almost immediately another follower told us he too was an Arsenal fan and that he wanted to pass on a couple of Arsenal tops for Michael to wear at the match.  Thank you @DJ_A_S_L you are a star.



We’re writing this before the game kicks off, we won’t be reporting on the match but obviously we hope for Michael’s sake that it’s a great game and that Arsenal get the victory.


But the result doesn’t matter.  The real winner tonight is Michael because, thanks to our army of supporters, his biggest dream is just about to come true!





(EDIT)  Arsenal 2 v 0 Reading (the fairytale is complete).