Generous supporters donate 158 sleeping bags for homeless peopleMindfulness, generosity, and a warmer night’s sleep for homeless people.

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment. About thinking only of the situation you are in, focussing on your breathing and quieting the random thoughts flitting through your head. Did I lock the car? Is there enough chicken for tomorrow if so and so turns up? Will West Ham beat Tottenham?

Now try to imagine the opposite of mindfulness… when you are sitting on a piece of cardboard in wet clothes, trying to figure out when the rain will stop and where’s the best place to try and bed down tonight and whether there’s enough in the tin you’ve been rattling in between juggling to buy you a hot meal. When the last place you want to be is ‘in the moment’, when everything you desire is to be somewhere else. Somewhere warm, somewhere dry, somewhere safe…

The inner voice isn’t worrying about chicken or football. It’s worrying about whether you’ll be attacked again, if your cough needs treating, if you will ever again coory down into a warm, dry bed with fluffy pillows and a fancy pattern duvet. If you will survive another winter…

Breakfast in a Bag (BIAB) is there for our homeless friends. Breakfast in a Bag is there giving out food, hot drinks, giving out care. We cannot know their pain but we can help alleviate it just a little bit. The BIAB twitter feed asked for 100 sleeping bags. Through the tweeting and retweeting of scores of supporters, it was achieved in just four hours! How brilliant is that! By the end of the day 158 sleeping bags were on their way to Breakfast In A Bag.

That’s 158 people who will know that someone cares as they settle at night in a warm sleeping bag.

One supporter bought four bags (they’re shown on the BIAB Amazon wish list and they are not expensive) from each of her four daughters and is giving her daughters a card saying they bought a homeless person a sleeping bag for Christmas. What a great idea! As Christmas gets near, have a look at the wish list and see if there’s something there you could gift to a deserving person. And thank you!

Anne Maguire

BIAB Twitter Sleeping Bag Appeal