Morvend Vending Machines serve a sweet treat for our homeless friends.

Morvend Vending Machines donates to homeless causeModern vending machines can deliver many, many things from hot drinks to sandwiches. But MorVend Vending have delivered a huge load of goodies to Breakfast in a Bag (BIAB). The goodies include lots of sweets which is a real treat for homeless friends. When you have limited money and limited access to resources, sweets are very low down on your priorities. So when they are given as a gift, they do mean a lot.

MorVend provide vending machines for all types of product and can arrange purchase or rental. Their machines deliver all the well known manufacturers goods in a variety of sizes. But one excellent thing they do, is produce coffee from beans within their machines. Imagine the aroma of that on a cold and wet morning as you enter your workplace or office.

The business started life in the late 1960’s selling milk and orange squash in wax cartons. Over the years the emphasis moved from milk to hot drinks and snacks and has expanded at a consistent rate year on year. They can give you advice on what is available to suit your requirements, including table top and the larger machines you may be familiar with from airports and some public buildings.

Morvend Vending Machines


The core business of MorVend has remained as an operating company providing full hygiene, restocking, cash collection and audit facilities on drink, snack, can and food machines to a wide range of customers. They can organise maintenance and also sell and deliver wholesale supplies, including bottled water and associated catering commodities.

We are sure our homeless friends will be delighted with the big batch of goodies donated so generously by MorVend Vending Machines and we are very grateful for the gift!

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