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Bag us a bargain with Sachetsville!

**UPDATE: Limited time only! 15% discount on ALL ORDERS! No minimum spend required!** Sachetsville have very kindly given us their support by offering a 15% discount on all website orders over £15, purchased via their website as donations to the Breakfast In A Bag initiative! All items include free delivery, and if you are purchasing items for our Breakfast In A Bag campaign you can claim a 15% discount on orders over £15. Just add BREAKFASTINABAG as a coupon code at the check out. It can be a variety of different items, as long as the delivery address is our Breakfast In A Bag donation address and the order exceeds £15.

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An Important Message From BBC6Music’s Liz Kershaw

Every time I go to work on the train I pass the homeless in the car park, underpasses and station forecourt in one of the most prosperous cities in one of the richest countries in the world. I've had a safe and sound sleep in a warm clean comfy bed. I've had coffee and breakfast then a hot shower and clean clothes. I wouldn't be able to do my job if I'd just crawled out of a dirty sleeping bag in the gutter. Or if I hadn't had electricity to prepare on my computer or charge my phone.

Protein Bars For November’s Breakfasts Are In The Bag Thanks To Pulsin’

We’ve been talking to the lovely people at Pulsin’ in Gloucester about them getting involved in our initiative for a little while now. Their protein snack bars looked perfect for our homeless friends and we were impressed that their beond bites contain enough fruit to count as 1 of our 5-a-day! Naturally we were really keen to try and get them into our breakfast bags. Imagine the delight in BIAB HQ when we received the email from Pulsin’ confirming their support with an offer of enough of both to ensure they were in every bag we’ll be handing over throughout November!

2016-12-23T09:57:15+00:00 November 2nd, 2016|Product Partners|

Sleeping On The Streets Of London by Author JJ Nortyperson

I recently got chatting with the team at Breakfast In A Bag on Twitter after I saw a tweet from them about their new website. We spoke about the time I was living on the streets of London and how I wished they had been around with their breakfast bags when I was there in 2011, it would’ve saved me crawling to London Bridge for a fish sandwich for breakfast! I have written a number of books now, but not all are available to the general public. I am writing more books all the time. I hope you enjoy reading this exclusive excerpt from The Wanderer’s Diary Book 1.

2016-12-23T09:57:15+00:00 November 2nd, 2016|Guest Bloggers, Things to share|

Breakfast In A Bag “Launch” Press Release

Breakfast In A Bag, a not-for-profit community initiative, has been launched by Enfield’s Michelle Clark to provide free, healthy breakfasts to London's homeless. Funded by public donations with additional support from food manufacturers and supermarkets, the project was conceived by Michelle after she’d identified a huge gap in the services available to the homeless in the city. According to figures released by the Combined Homelessness Information Network (CHAIN) over 7.500 people slept on London’s streets in 2015, a huge rise from 3.673 in 2009/2010. It seems inevitable that there will be a further increase this year.

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We’re featured on Metro Online!

We’re featured on Metro Online! One crucial way of raising awareness of the Breakfast In A Bag initiative is to secure some precious media coverage and this is something that we work quite hard on behind the scenes. We were thrilled when earlier today we were contacted by a journalist from Metro Online who’d seen one of our tweets and was really intrigued and impressed by the work we’re doing for London’s homeless. Within an hour we’d emailed over the press release about our launch, had a quick chat on the phone and the article was online being read and shared by The [...]

2016-12-23T09:57:16+00:00 October 30th, 2016|Press & Media, Things to share|

Hari Mountford Interviews Our Founder Michelle Clark

Hari Mountford Interviews Our Founder Michelle Clark Hari Mountford’s a blogger.  Hari’s also a London exploring, coffee drinking, cocktail sipping, culturally curious twenty-something whose pockets are, unfortunately, not as deep as her desire to delve into the nooks and crannies of  the capital. Her brilliant blog ‘London’s My Lobster’ plays host to comment pieces, reviews and suggestions of how best to get to know the city on a budget, and hopefully avoid the tourist throngs. We were thrilled when Hari contacted us and asked if she could write about Breakfast In A Bag and interview our founder Michelle Clark. Pop over to Hari’s blog [...]

2016-12-23T09:57:16+00:00 October 30th, 2016|Guest Bloggers, Press & Media, Things to share|

The Printed Bag Shop Saves The Day!

At Breakfast In A Bag we only ever spend your donation money carefully and wisely. The one item that is needed for every breakfast we provide to our homeless friends is the bag itself. We’d been trying to find someone to help us with our bags as they represented a cost that we’d rather be spending on food. So we asked The Printed Bag Shop if they could take a look at our initiative and see if they’d like to get involved. Within 24 hours Sophie Butcher, their Marketing Manager, was back in touch offering us 1000 bags as a donation, we could not believe it!

2016-12-23T09:57:16+00:00 October 27th, 2016|Product Partners|

Michael’s Arsenal Dream Comes True!

Michael’s Arsenal Dream Comes True! Michael’s a gooner, a diehard Arsenal fan, he always has been and he always will be. Michael’s also someone that Michelle Clark, founder of BIAB, has been supporting through her Off The Streets London outreach programme. Recently Michael told Michelle how his dream was to go to an Arsenal game, he’d never been and couldn’t imagine ever being able to afford to go the the Emirates Stadium and support the team he’s loved since he was a boy. So we told Michael’s story to our followers on Twitter. What happened next is remarkable.     One of our [...]

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Help BIAB On Social Media – Top Twitter Tips

Help #BIAB On Social Media - Top Twitter Tips Without our friendly army of followers on Twitter we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do. When Michelle Clark first launched Breakfast In A Bag she self-funded many of the items to ensure London’s homeless enjoyed a kick start to their day. Soon several food manufacturers became involved and helped us with donations of various items for the bags. But it is the financial donations that will ensure Breakfast In A Bag’s ongoing success and these will only continue to come in if we keep spreading the word and attract new followers [...]

2016-12-23T09:57:23+00:00 October 24th, 2016|Things to share|
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