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Breakfast In A Bag is a small, friendly, not-for-profit community initiative that was founded in September 2016 by Michelle Clark. Michelle’s vision is to provide free, healthy breakfasts to London’s homeless, funded by public donations with additional but vital support from food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The project was initially totally self-funded by Michelle.



Michelle has many year’s experience of working with and supporting the homeless via her outreach programme “Off The Streets London” where she works tirelessly to help London’s rough sleepers into permanent housing. In 2015 more than 7.500 people slept on London’s streets, this is more than double the number from 2009/2010. No one expects this trend to reverse and more people are becoming homeless every single day.


paragraph-3-57-bagsThrough her work with Off The Streets Michelle identified that while there are many evening soup kitchens operating in London nobody was offering breakfasts. Recognising the importance of a nutritional kick-start to the day for those unfortunate enough to be living on the streets Michelle set out to do something about it and Breakfast In A Bag was born!

Since our formation Breakfast In A Bag has already grown rapidly and we now have a large army of followers and supporters on Twitter that is increasing in numbers every day. The Twitter account is run mainly by Michelle with additional support from one or two volunteers who look after the feed when she’s packing breakfast bags or out delivering them to London’s rough sleepers.

Our growing popularity on social media is partly due to a huge amount of celebrity support from the likes of comedians Al Murray & David Baddiel, actress Linda Robson, BBC6Music DJ Liz Kershaw, TV personality Nick Knowles, X Factor finalist Janet Devlin and Labour MP Jess Phillips. Their help in spreading the word has been invaluable. We wrote a little more about our fantastic celeb supporters here.  paragraph-5-positive-tweet-from-janet-devlin-to-her-336k-followers



There is a huge amount of goodwill and support for Breakfast In A Bag and people have really got behind our “Sponsor A Bag for £3” campaign. The contents of each breakfast bag varies depending on availability and on which food items have been donated by our manufacturer partners and supporters. Each bag will always provide a healthy and nutritional breakfast including cereal or porridge, milk, fresh fruit, a cereal bar or similar, fruit juice/health drink/water and biscuits, together with appropriate disposable cutlery. You can make a donation and read about other ways to help and support us here.


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