Perkier BoxesNovember delivers Perkier Breakfast Bags for our Homeless Friends!

How can you resist a company called Perkier… what a brilliant name. It makes you smile just saying it. They certainly strive to live up to their name with nutritious, whole foods. Their porridge and bars are abundant in nutrients to provide long lasting energy.

But as well as their tasty food, Perkier also have big hearts. They have donated 6 boxes of their delicious, nutritious bars to help fill our Breakfast In A Bag selections. I’m sure they will go down well with our homeless friends! So a big thank you to Perkier from BIAB. You should go try the products for yourself!

Most of the bars contain quinoa which has protein, fibre, vitamins and valuable minerals.  Chia is full of the goodness of minerals and a natural source of omega 3 too Sunflower seeds are packed with Vitamin E, an important antioxidant, and Omega 6 goodness. And some have Coconut which is highly nutritious, rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Together these simple, wholesome ingredients make some really tasty bars.

One quinoa Bar has cashews, chia and pumpkin seeds and another has cacao and cashews. The first has creamy cashews and the goodness of chia and pumpkin seeds to create a truly delicious bar. The second has a chocolate hit with it’s nutritious energy. There’s also a coconut and chia version plus a goji and cranberry. If you’re not sure about quinoa, ease yourself in with a sprouted oaty cranberry, cashew bar. In addition to the bars, Perkier also produce a plain, a golden syrup and a cranberry and raisin porridge which all have a slow release to keep you feel fuller for longer. Useful for lunch if you have a packed afternoon. Porridge isn’t only for breakfast!

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