Pret A Manger gives a lot of LOVE to our breakfast bags!

Pret A Mangers Love BarIf you made a flapjack and then embedded almonds, pistachios and pumpkin seeds plus dark chocolate chunks in a caramel layer on top, wouldn’t you call it a love bar? It certainly has enough things to love in it! That’s what the wise people at Pret A Manger have done. The bars are amazing and 10p from each one they sell goes to the Pret Foundation Trust.

But if that isn’t enough goodness they have also donated several boxes of the bars to Breakfast In A Bag to distribute to homeless people. That is indeed spreading the love. There is a lot of energy and goodness in these bars and we are sure the recipients will be delighted with them!

Pret A Manger (also know as just “Pret”) was established in 1986 and from the beginning had a mission to avoid chemicals, additives and preservatives and to give back. Their food is prepared daily and any not sold that day is donated to charity. They now have over 350 shops including some in USA, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as spread across the UK. 300,000 customers are served every day. Vegetarians are looked after as well and a new “Veggie Pret” is now open in London. And even their coffee is full of love as it’s fully organic and procured from farmers with whom they have built long term relationships and who use sustainable practices.

Sounds an excellent business model and we are all chuffed with the Love Bars. Thanks Pret!pret-a-manger-logo-2Visit the Pret A Manger website:

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