The Printed Bag Shop Saves The Day!

Some of our breakfast bags have a pot of porridge in them, other bags might have cornflakes.  Some bags have a cereal bar or similar, other bags will have an energy or protein bar.  Some bags might have a banana while others contain an apple or a pear.




You’ll have worked out by now that the contents of our breakfast bags vary.  This depends on what’s been donated by food suppliers and what we’ve bought locally or online taking advantage of special offers wherever we can.  At Breakfast In A Bag we only ever spend your donation money carefully and wisely. The one item that is needed for every breakfast we provide to our homeless friends is the bag itself.




We’d been trying to find someone to help us with our bags as they represented a cost that we’d rather be spending on food.  So we asked The Printed Bag Shop if they could take a look at our initiative and see if they’d like to get involved.  Within 24 hours Sophie Butcher, their Marketing Manager, was back in touch offering us 1000 bags as a donation, we could not believe it!


homebags_0000_layer-2Thomebags_0001_layer-1he Printed Bag Shop are the UK’s leading supplier when it comes to providing custom printed bags but they’ve clearly got big hearts too.  They specialise in events and retail and they can cater for every brand. If you need a new packaging option with bespoke printed bags that will truly show off your brand, we at Breakfast In A Bag hope you’ll turn to The Printed Bag Shop.  We really can’t thank them enough!



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