A cup of cheer from Printed Cup Company!

Printed Cup Company donates to homeless Breakfast in a Bag is delighted that our clients will be able to drink their hot drinks safely because of a generous donation from The Printed Cup Company. On these bitterly cold winter nights, hot drinks are very important and given our limited funds, we have to make choices on what to buy. We have one less thing to think about because of this generous gift. It means more of our money can go on other valuable things.

If you are a company or organisation who give complementary drinks to your customers – garages, supermarkets, or people with stands at exhibitions, or who have water coolers – or who sell takeaway hot or cold drinks, you no doubt know the value of having your name on the cup. As well as the branding being available to the person drinking, they’re potentially advertising your company as they walk around. Think of all the people wandering through our cities with vats of coffee/tea!

There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing cups and The Printed Cup Company will take you through the process on size of cup, type of cup, quantity needed and all printing/logo requirements. They can even send you samples. So as you’re heading into the busy Christmas period, make sure you have enough branded cups to advertise your business, by approaching The Printed Cup Company today. They have over ten years experience and say they are the fastest manufacturer of printed cups in the UK. Why not put them to the test? We are really grateful for their help. Maybe you will be too?

Printed Cup Company donates to homeless


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