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Keeping the breakfast beat with Rhythm Health!

Rhythm Health donate healthy drinks for the homelessIt is hard for anyone to ensure that their diet is healthy but it is especially hard when you are living on the streets. With this in mind Rhythm Health Foods have given us a boot load of their healthy Coconut & Greens Kefir drink to help ensure that our breakfast bags will now come with an extra healthy boost. ‘Live’ fermented drinks which are dairy free, cholesterol free and with no added sugar these are sure to prove very popular with our homeless friends.

The idea behind Rhythm was conceived of by a group of food experts seven years ago and they have put together a range of delicious 126g bottles of drinks in three flavours (Passionately Mango, Coconut and Greens, and Perfectly Pure) all made with tender young coconuts and wild, natural kefir cultures.

Rhythm Health donate healthy drinks for the homeless


*Ahem* A huge thanks to Rhythm Health Foods who have given us such a lovely bunch of coconuts (drinks)!

For more information including where to buy visit their website:

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