That’s a lot of cornflakes!

cornflakes-2Wow! Our Twitter friends at Team Up 2B Champions have just donated nearly 200 large packets of Kelloggs Cornflakes to us and Michelle Clark (founder of BIAB) went to collect them earlier today.  

“I was overwhelmed when TUTBC got in touch and offered these to us, just imagine how many breakfast bags we’ll be able to use them in.” said Michelle: “Now we can use the money we’ve saved to make up even more bags and give more of London’s homeless their most important meal of their day.  I went to pick them up in my car and now I have a much better idea of how much space 192 boxes of cornflakes takes up!




Thanks again to everyone at TUTBC for such a kind and generous gesture.

Follow @tutbc on Twitter and support their “School Breakfasts For Winners” campaign.