The Kaleidoscope Kitchen gets involved!

We love it when people get in touch with us. We love hearing from our supporters, who become familiar faces (or avatars/profile pictures!) as we get to know them.  The Kaleidoscope KitchenThe Kaleidoscope Kitchen got in touch just after we launched our website, with no hesitation in offering us donations of food.

You see, The Kaleidoscope Kitchen are professional events caterers, so they are used to handling A LOT of food, all the time. They cater for indoor and outdoor events such as festivals, festival crew catering, street food markets, private parties, charity events, community events and corporate events. They specialise in good value British classics and can tailor their menu to each event. They cater for vegetarian, vegan and food intolerances. With a good selection of dishes, including child portions and a children’s menu along side the regular menu, they really are the go-to caterers for your event.

The Kaleidoscope Kitchen really do not want to leave you under-catered, so they are very generous in their planning and ordering. However, this inevitably leaves food waste to donate to Breakfast In A Bag for our homeless friends to benefit! They have even offered to deliver their donations to us! What lovely people! We truly are grateful for their time and consideration.

 The Kaleidoscope KitchenSo next time you require professional caterers for your party, festival, gig or event do look up The Kaleidoscope Kitchen. They are members of NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association) and not only will you be well catered for, you will also be supporting Breakfast In A Bag when we receive food donations from them! Double whammy!


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