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Things to share

In order to keep sufficient funds coming in for us to be able to continue supporting our homeless friends we need to spread the word about Breakfast In A Bag, so as many people as possible know about us and donate to us. Here is a collection of posts we think you and your friends my like to read. Please do share any that you like, both via social media and via email. You will find easy to use sharing buttons at the bottom of each page. Thank you!

Toiletries Pic ‘n’ Mix for our homeless friends!

We're introducing a new toiletries Pic 'n' Mix bucket at our food stations. Homeless people often request small bottles of toiletries, and this is an often overlooked necessity for them. Homeless people have nowhere to store items and have to carry their belongings with them everywhere, so we will be providing travel and trial sized bottles wherever possible. Each item should last at least a couple of weeks, and they can pick up new items when they visit our breakfast stations.

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#Streetdogslivesmatter – our new weekly street dog care station!

Dog care has always been of huge importance to Breakfast In A Bag founder Michelle, and through her outreach project Off The Streets London Michelle has become has become known as someone who likes to care for the street dogs that so many of our homeless friends have as pets. Throughout 2017 Breakfast In A Bag will be hosting weekly dog care stations for the dogs living rough on the streets with their homeless owners. Each week homeless dog owners will be able to pick up dry and wet dog food, treats, Dentastix, collars, leads, blankets, coats and more.

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