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Things to share 2016-12-23T09:57:03+00:00

Things to share

In order to keep sufficient funds coming in for us to be able to continue supporting our homeless friends we need to spread the word about Breakfast In A Bag, so as many people as possible know about us and donate to us. Here is a collection of posts we think you and your friends my like to read. Please do share any that you like, both via social media and via email. You will find easy to use sharing buttons at the bottom of each page. Thank you!

Christmas is coming! Count down with our Advent Calendar!

Christmas is almost upon us and, here at Breakfast In A Bag we are counting down to the big day with our very own advent calendar! Remember to check back each day to see what is revealed behind each digital door and share with your friends, so we can help spread the #TeamBIAB word as far and wide as possible, especially over the Season of Goodwill!

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Mindfulness, generosity, and a warmer night’s sleep for homeless people.

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment. About thinking only of the situation you are in, focussing on your breathing and quieting the random thoughts flitting through your head. Now try to imagine the opposite of mindfulness... when you are sitting on a piece of cardboard in wet clothes, trying to figure out when the rain will stop and where's the best place to try and bed down tonight and whether there's enough in the tin you've been rattling in between juggling to buy you a hot meal. When the last place you want to be is 'in the moment', when everything you desire is to be somewhere else. Somewhere warm, somewhere dry, somewhere safe...

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