Toiletries Pic ‘n’ Mix for our homeless friends!

We’re introducing a new toiletries Pic ‘n’ Mix bucket at our food stations. Homeless people often request small bottles of toiletries, and this is an often overlooked necessity for them. 

The Pic ‘n’ Mix bucket will include the following items and more:

  • soap
  • shower gel
  • wet wipes
  • shaving foam
  • shaving gel
  • moisturiser
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • ladies sanitary items

Homeless people have nowhere to store items and have to carry their belongings with them everywhere, so we will be providing travel and trial sized bottles wherever possible. Each item should last at least a couple of weeks, and they can pick up new items when they visit our breakfast stations.

Where and how do homeless people use toiletries?

A common question. Homeless people sleeping rough on the streets will use facilities such as public toilets, service stations and day centres to access washing facilities. Many Churches and Church organisations are excellent for providing access to a variety of facilities too. What is difficult for rough sleepers is obtaining these small items the rest of us take for granted. When funds are low to non-existent a dog (if they have one), food and hot drinks will always be the top priority, and items such as toiletries become more of a luxury than a necessity.

Help us to help our homeless friends

We want to take away as much strain as possible from our homeless friends, and it is our pleasure to turn these essentials from luxuries to possessions. Currently we have between 100 and 170 visitors to our breakfast stations (as of January 2017). Please help us help as many rough sleepers as possible by donating what you can towards our toiletries pic ‘n’ mix bucket. Thank you!

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