What’s In A Bag?Examples of what is in a bag

When Michelle Clark started Breakfast In A Bag her intention was always to make the breakfasts as healthy as possible. Sleeping on the streets almost inevitably means a very poor diet and she wanted to give each homeless person who received a breakfast bag the best possible start to their day.  The contents of each bag may vary depending on which foodstuffs have been donated in large quantities by our Product Partners, what’s available on a special offer locally or online & which fresh fruits etc are in season and readily available.

All bags will typically include cereal or porridge, milk, fresh fruit, a cereal bar or similar, fruit juice and biscuits, together with disposable cutlery and a bowl.

You can sponsor one or more bags for just £3 per bag by visiting our donate page, that’s about the same cost as a high street coffee.  Even a donation of just £1 will buy a pot or two of porridge or three of the 200ml cartons of milk that we put in every bag. As one well known supermarket says: “Every Little Helps!”